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We understand your samples are priceless and may be irreplaceable


The storage of human embryos and/or sperm in liquid nitrogen is now standard practice in most assisted conception laboratories. These cryopreserved samples appear to be quite stable over time once in storage. However, they are occasionally required to be taken out of storage and moved to another assisted conception laboratory – This is where MEDAIR steps in to assist.

Frozen embryos and/or sperm can be safely transported from clinic to clinic throughout the world at cryogenic temperatures using a dry shipper. The key is maintaining the Cold Chain. We have been providing Life Science Transport Solutions to major research organizations and pharmaceutical companies since 2001. We understand your samples are priceless and may be irreplaceable. Our specialist staff will personally care for your shipment assisting you with all aspects including planning, liaising with both clinics and individually monitoring your precious samples through to successful completion.

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Thank you very much for your services. We appreciate the way everything was handled throughout the process.- Moshe, Cryo Shipment – Israel to Nth America
Wonderful!! Thanks for having this done so smoothly and everything else! And thanks for your wishes.- Alex & Katrin, Cryo Shipment - USA to Germany
That is wonderful news! Thank you for providing such an easy and efficient delivery service. Your communication with us has been outstanding throughout the process. We will certainly be recommending Medair to other people looking to ship their embryos overseas.- Claire, Cryo Shipment – Adelaide to Toronto
We appreciate your company so much the professionalism and compassion are immeasurable. It is very hard to trust someone else with such precious cargo and your reassurance made it easier. It has been a blessing to work with such great people- Scott and Debbie, Cryo Shipment – Germany to USA

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