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Freedom to Fly – a growing partnership initiative to match reflecting Medair’s corporate mission.

“Medair offers specialist emergency transport solutions worldwide. And now we are also a specialist partner helping to transport kids with special needs physical and cognitive challenges to ski hills for the best days of their childhood” says Andy Davies, Medair President and Track 3 parent.

Medair arranges the smooth transportation of samples and clinical supplies world-wide. By individually handling and monitoring each shipment we ensure the safe transportation of clinical supplies, biological samples and infectious diagnostic specimens. Track 3 arranges for the safe transportation of kids to programming specially designed to meet their needs. Medair wants to ensure kids with special needs have smooth transportation to the hills so that they can enjoy the freedom to fly!

“By helping us raise funds to offset Ontario Track 3’s transportation costs, we align your company’s core business values with our commitment to support one of Track 3’s key requirements – bussing students and volunteer instructors to programs across the province,” says Andy. “Thanks for joining our efforts!”

Donate today! Visit Ontario Track 3 at:

Or donate directly through our link to Canada Helps. Don’t forget to select “Medair Partnership” as your donation designation.

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